The Settings File

Emprica is configured with settings stored as json data.

You will need to create a settings file to set up your app. This will be a .json file, which is often namedsettings.json (or local.json or deploy.json).

The settings file contains information that you do not want to share with the public, such as your admin password and database security credentials. Hence you should keep it private. If you put your code on an online version-control repository (e.g., GitHub), we suggest you add the name of your settings file to the .gitignore file of your project.

The settings file contains a JSON object {} in which there are other objects separated by ,

    "": {
    "admins": [
            "username": "myusername",
            "password": "mypassword"
    "public": {  

To run your app locally with your settings as set in the settings file, use:

meteor --settings settings.json


The settings file is useful for:

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